What We Do

Butterfly Releases what we doButterfly Memorials is dedicated to helping you celebrate the lives of your loved ones. To achieve this goal, we supply you with
beautiful, fully-grown, live Monarch butterflies that can be released as a symbol of your love. We only sell the Monarch butterfly, which is one of the strongest, friendliest, and most graceful butterflies in North America.
Our Monarch butterflies are easy to release. All you have to do is open the package and watch them fly, because they are already hatched and fully-grown prior to shipment. Our healthy Monarch butterflies are three times larger than the typical “painted lady” butterfly. They are no fuss at all because they are already fully-grown and ready to fly! We have been servicing funerals, memorials and celebrations of life for over 21 years.

Why do it?

A butterfly release is a unique experience, Butterflies are symbols of the spirit of transformation. Butterfly releases are a positive way to send off your loved ones into their next life. Many Native American tribes believe that in your heart if you have a secret wish or desire, wish it upon the wings of a butterfly and the butterfly will carry your wish up to the great spirit to be granted.