How Does It Work?

Butterfly Memorial Release ButterflyYour live butterflies are air expressed to you overnight, to arrive preferably the day before the service. If your having an early morning service, we can have the shipment held at the closest Fedex location for retrieval by 9am, in most cases. Please check with us to check delivery times. If it’s a Monday morning service, we do ship butterflies out on Saturday afternoon to arrive Monday morning.

Our butterflies are packaged in specially tailored release triangular boxes. The natural dark and cool condition keeps the butterflies in a comfortable resting state until the day of release. The butterflies come to you fed and content, so they require no special attention. Once the package is opened the natural heat and light will awaken these sleeping beauties and inspire them to take flight.

A few facts about butterflies:
* Butterflies do not have lungs as we do, so they do not suffocate during shipping.
* Butterflies enter into a slow metabolic resting rate when cooled. We place a cool pack to chill them, Not Freeze them.
*Butterflies fly during daylight hours and not at night.

So by packaging them in our triangular release boxes, placing them into a shipping cooler with a coolpack and finally shipping them Express overnight, your butterflies will arrive comfortably to make their appearance for your ceremony.

Few companies even come close to the experience, proper breeding, and care that we give to each and every butterfly sold.