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Below are various web sites that are affiliated with Butterfly Memorials and other useful funeral sites

Low Cost Cremation is a national directory of low cost direct cremation providers. Please contact Pete or Jay for details.


New York Cremation offers low cost direct cremation services in New York

Plantable Butterfly Memorial Seed Cards

Plant these beautiful cards and wild flowers will grow in memory of your loved one. Personalize with your loved ones name and a poem for no additional charge.

Perfectly preserved rose petals

Check out our latest product. Rose petals can be used for Weddings or Funerals. Many families have ordered petals to toss at the grave site to be with their loved ones or scattered with their ashes.

Butterfly Host seeds

This is a great place to order Milkweed seeds to attract Monarch Butterflies to your Garden

Wedding Releases

This is our sister site for Couples looking to release butterflies at their wedding.