How To Order Butterflies?

Due to the time frame in which Funerals are scheduled,
we strongly suggest that you call us directly with your order.

Monarch Butterflies

1 – 2 Dozen  $95 per dozen
3 – 7 Dozen  $90 per dozen
8+    Dozen  $85 per dozen

Buy Butterflies

All orders are shipped express overnight. Shipping and handling cost is $49, with an additional cost of $17.00 for Sunday Funeral due to Saturday delivery surcharges.

If you have a next day early morning service there are two options that we can offer. First being that someone pick them up from the delivery companies location by 9 am or have them ‘First Overnight’ to the location of the service. In most cases the ‘First Overnight’ isn’t soon enough. So please mention this when placing your order.

Each Monarch butterfly is hand fed and carefully inspected before delivery to ensure a perfect release. We place one butterfly in our specially designed triangular card stock box. All of the special packets are placed into a protective box. The protective box is then safely packaged into an overnight shipping box. The butterflies are perfectly safe and content, so they require no special attention. The natural dark and cool condition keeps the butterflies in a comfortable resting state until the day of release. Your live butterflies will be air expressed to you overnight, to arrive the day before the Funeral. You simply keep the shipping box in a safe place, away from heat, until the day of the release. We have been providing butterflies for over 21 years without any problems. We guarantee all of your butterflies will arrive healthy and fly.

Note: It must be over 60 degrees outside for the butterflies to be released. Please call us to discuss your specific weather requirements if you are unsure.
You may also check you average local temperatures here: